Mt Ashland Hill Climb Run










Frequently Asked Questions (with some less frequent, but genuine, bonafide and authentic questions)

  1. Why are you opening registration so damn early?
    Participants decided this in a post-race poll and we, as mere servants to our running masters, made it so.

  2. Will this race fill?
    It filled in one week in 2012.

  3. I see the race is full. Can I still get in? (I'm fast, famous, your BFF, etc)
    The way to get in when the race is full is to work at a trail work day sponsored by AWTA before the race. See the trail event days at the AWTA website. Remember this mnemonic: Trail travail trumps totally tapped. NOTE: you still have to pay if you work at a trail day; but you can get in even after the event has filled. Shirt orders have to be in before April 10.

  4. But, I don't live in the area. I can't work at one of these trail days.
    You could move. Or, you can visit. Or enter when registration opens. All these options for you...

  5. But all my training is for this race; you should let me enter.
    Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours.

  6. Can I use my friend's/spouse's entry?
    No. Entries are non-transferable. Besides legal reasons (their waiver is not valid for you), doing this tends to wreak havoc on our results (the young bearded guy just won the women's 70+ age group).

  7. Can I register the day of the race?

  8. Is there a wait-list if the race fills?
    No. In talking with other race organizers, we found this to be fraught with peril. We're hoping those RDs get out of Bellview soon. No, not the Ashland Bellview, the one in New York.

  9. What if I enter and then my plans change?
    Then you just made a small donation to a worthy cause. Entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please tell us if you intend not to come, however.

  10. If I don't show up, can you mail me my entry packet/t-shirt?
    No. Not only no, but emphatically, categorically, unequivocally no. In case you think we're mincing our words: that would be a big NO! And, if you still ask, we will digitally laugh at you. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  11. Why do you charge so much/so little?
    Our entry fees are substantially lower ($24 in 2012) than the average half-marathon and we give you a bonus two-tenths of a mile for no extra charge. This event is a fundraiser: all the proceeds go to Ashland Woodland and Trails Association.

  12. Are there entry fee refunds?
    No. There are no entry fee refunds, regardless of circumstances. We are heartless miscreants.

  13. Is this race hard?
    You bet your $200 running shoes it is. This event has reduced some of the area's best runners into quivering masses of jelly.

  14. If it's so hard, how come all your pictures have smiling people?
    Some of those people are hypoxic, possibly even brain-dead, and they probably couldn't tell you who the current president is. Also, we don't show the photos of people being miserable--bad marketing (as if this FAQ were the paragon of good marketing!).

  15. Why is it so hard?
    The mile of elevation gain probably has something to do with it. Temperature change, altitude, loose footing, and a mercurial race director may also be factors.

  16. Are there any dangers/hazards?
    Yes. It could be hot, cold, dry, humid, windy or deadly calm. It could rain, snow, sleet, or hail. You think we're joking: it really did snow one year. Cougars, bears, raccoons, deer, bats, owls, hawks, bald eagles, and mountain bikeasauri have been spotted. Cracked pavement, unmarked potholes, large rocks, and sticks may suddenly leap out in your path at any time. Beware of clowns. Not so much on this course, but in general. And mimes.

  17. Can I quit part-way?
    You can stop at the lodge aid station, but anywhere else is really a bad idea because the course is quite remote. Our aid station personnel won't be leaving until their stint is over and they may not have much room in their vehicles. Please be prepared to run or walk at least to the lodge in the time allotted.

  18. Where is the start of the race?
    The race begins in downtown Ashland at the upper end of the plaza at the base of Lithia Park on Winburn Way, near the Sesame restaurant. It is near the frequently headless statue of Abraham Lincoln. It is adjacent to the Elizabethan Theater.

  19. When does the race start?

  20. Is there a restroom near the start?
    Yes, there are restrooms by the creek, about 100 feet from the start area.

  21. Are there restrooms on the course?
    Not unless you count the big outdoors. NOT THAT WE'RE SUGGESTING THAT. It is too difficult to get Portapotties in remote locations, through closed gates, bumpy dirt roads, etc. and it's probably a bad idea for the watershed to have these there.

  22. Are there restrooms at the finish?
    Yes, there are restrooms in the Mt Ashland ski rental building that will be opened especially for us.

  23. What is the race route?
    See the Course page.

  24. Is this a closed course?
    Within the City of Ashland, the course is as closed as it can be. Much of the Forest Service section is blocked by gates, but there could be mountain bike traffic (see the aforementioned warning about clowns).

  25. Why is the start so early/late?
    We want to get an early start so we avoid the heat of the day and traffic. We start so "late" because our support folks have to get up at an hour that has a 5 in it. We don't mean 6:45.

  26. Can I start earlier?
    No. All participants start at 7:30 AM.

  27. But, what if I really want to start early?
    You will be disqualified.

  28. You're mean. I just want to give myself extra time to complete the course.
    We resemble that remark. While we understand the rationale for starting earlier, we have several problems with this, including your safety. If for some reason (like a fire or some other emergency), we need to know who has entered the course. Rerouting the course has happened before, by the way.

  29. Can I wear headphones?
    Yes, but you can only listen to classical. Or maybe bluegrass. Just be courteous to those around you.

  30. Can I use hiking poles?
    If you must, but please stay away from other participants like you had the plague. We don't want people with their eyes dotted and their tees crossed from exuberant poling.

  31. Do I have to wear my race number?
    Yes. We may keep track of you by noting your race number at aid stations, plus it helps identify you to other participants. We need to see your race number as you approach the finish line. If you put your race number on your butt, make sure to enter the finish line backwards. If we can't see your race number, you may be given a time of DNF (and those aren't Roman numerals).

  32. How long will the run take?
    This depends on the runner, of course, but a very fast time is just under 2 hours. Some people may take 5 hours to complete the distance. See the results. Remember the cut-off times (see the course). There is plenty of time for adequately prepared people to finish the event on time. Hmm, maybe that's a truism.

  33. What are the course records?
    Men: Max King in 2010 in a time of 1:41:50. Ric Sayre had the previous fastest time in approximately 1:42 (he won the Los Angeles Marathon that year too), that in 1986. Women: Evelyn Dong, 2:08:40 in 2008.

  34. Will the race be cancelled if the weather is really nasty at the top of the mountain?
    If visibility is really poor or it is snowing or extremely windy or extremely cold and wet, we may elect to have the finish at the ski area parking lot instead of the top of the mountain. This has never happened to our knowledge.

  35. Can I have extra clothing brought up to the summit?
    Yes. Bring your extra clothing in a well-marked bag and drop this off at the starting area. We will bring it to the summit. If you do not make it to the summit, we cannot guarantee when your clothes will come down to the lodge. NOTE: the summit is the very top; if you think you might only make it to the ski area parking lot, don't send up a bag. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  36. How do I get down from the summit to the lodge?
    You should be prepared to walk down, but we will have some vehicles that will shuttle folks down. We will have more people going down than vehicles to take them, however.

  37. How do I get from the lodge back to Ashland?
    You may purchase a seat on a bus (we'll send out an email to folks who indicated an interest in the bus on their entry). You can arrange for a friend to pick you up. You can run back down.

  38. Where would a good place be for my friends, relatives, spouse, etc to watch?
    The Mt Ashland Lodge parking lot is a great place. It has a fantastic view of Mt Shasta and allows you to see all the runners and walkers as they come by. DO NOT try to drive to the finish. This is a one-lane unpaved, hazardous road that we use to shuttle our participants. Spectators going to the finish may result in a DNF for their runners. Tell your posse to stay away from the summit.

  39. How many aid stations are there?
    There are four aid stations along the route and one at the summit.

  40. What drinks and food are provided at the aid stations?
    Generally we provide water and a electrolyte drink, fruit and sweet and salty snack items. We generally get good reviews of our food offererings.

  41. Can I have my own special drinks or food at the aid stations?
    No. We may be able to recommend a personal catering service. :-)

  42. Should I carry my own water or other drink and/or bring food?
    This is a personal matter and may also depend on the weather conditions on race day. Some people choose to drink more frequently than the aid stations provided. Others skip most aid stations. If you have doubts, bring your own food and drink.

  43. What clothing should I wear?
    This is a personal matter and will also depend on the weather conditions on race day. Typical conditions at race start are 55-60 degrees. It may warm up on the way, but you will be in and out of shade. On Mt Ashland, the temperature may feel considerably cooler because of wind. The temperature at the lodge may range from 50-75 and at the summit, the temperature may feel another 10-20 degrees cooler because of wind chill.

  44. What kind of shoes should I wear?
    Most of the route is on dirt road with some dirt single track trail and a steep ski slope. There are some sharp rocks and loose scree. Most conventional running shoes work just fine. We have had some barefoot runners.

  45. How much should I train/how should I train?
    Whenever we get those questions, we get really concerned.

  46. Are there ways to run up to Mt Ashland and get a ride down before the race, i.e., for training?
    Yes. Contact Ashland Mountain Adventures at (541) 499-2298. They drive a mountain bike shuttle up to the ski area parking lot. You may be able to arrange a time when they can pick you up for some small fee.

  47. Are you selling t-shirts?
    Yes. At the time of registration, you may purchase a technical fabric t-shirt in men's or women's sizes. These are likely to be North Face t-shirts, men's gray and women's white. These are the same kind of shirts as last year's and the design on the shirt will be the same too (with the course profile, etc).

  48. Am I eligible for drawing prizes even if I don’t finish?
    Yes, but you must go to the ski area parking lot to pick them up.

  49. How will I know if I won something in the drawing?
    There is a board in the ski area parking lot that shows who won what. You can pick that prize up right then and there.

  50. Who can win awards?
    We give first place awards to male and female 10-year age group winners and overall male and female winners.

  51. Who's the "we" in all of these answers?
    We hate to implicate Torsten anyone, but it is the race director and sometimes his co-conspirators.

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