Mt Ashland Hill Climb Run










Course Description


Our event begins at the bottom of Lithia Park near the plaza in downtown Ashland and proceeds on pavement (Winburn Way) through and next to Lithia park, joining Granite St, which becomes a dirt road and wraps left around a small reservoir; the road is now called Glenview St. A few hundred yards later, you turn steeply right onto the signed Ashland Loop Rd, which starts out as dirt and then briefly becomes pavement when it crosses Terrace St; pavement lasts for a couple hundred yards. Near the top of this pavement section, you turn right uphill onto dirt (still Ashland Loop Rd). 4 miles later, at Four Corners, the route proceeds south on RD 200 up to Bull Gap. Just before Bull Gap you reach the only, and very brief, flat/downhill section. At Bull Gap, the route take a right turn and becomes mostly single track up to Mt Ashland ski area. From near the Mt Ashland parking lot, the race has no precise prescribed route, though we may have chalked a suggested route. Aid stations are at the most critical junctures (Four Corners and Bull Gap). The first map below shows this all particularly well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a long and demanding run: 13.3 miles with more than a mile of elevation gain. Please undertake it only if you are in excellent shape. Temperatures can be hot and/or cold. Dress accordingly. We encourage you to have some extra clothing brought up to the finish. We will take clothing up to the top for you; just give us a bag marked with your name.

Nifty Map #1
(opens new window). This requires a faster Internet connection: be patient until route is completely loaded. Use the navigation tools in the upper left corner to zoom in on the route. The course description appears on the left and you can click on mileage markers (flags), aid station markers (food icon) and photos (camera icon) to get a better sense of the course. To see the elevation contours, click on the Terrain button in the upper right of the window.

Another Nifty Map #2
Try zooming out to see the whole course. Check out the elevation profile. Click on the "Terrain" button. You can also export this data as a GPX file, which can then be loaded onto a GPS. If you're a nerd. Like me.

Topo Map
Some browsers will allow you to expand and contract the size of this map.

Course Profile (with aid station locations)
Measurements are not precise, but are reasonably close. This is part of the 2006 t-shirt design.

Aid Stations
There are 4 well-stocked aid stations along the route. Check the map above for locations. Typical fare includes water, Gatorade or similar, orange slices, bananas, cookies, etc. There is also considerable food and drink at the finish, and also at the parking lot near the lodge for after the race.

Cut-Off Times
We will enforce the following cut-off times for both the safety of race particpants as well as for race officials, who will have worked long hours:
-- Four Corners (~6.6 miles) by 10:30am
-- Bull Gap (~10.5 miles) by 11:30am
-- The Lodge (~12.7 miles) by 12:15pm.
You may be asked to give up your race number at these times and places. Please accept a ride if you are asked to do so by race officials.

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